BSSN will meet all of your immigration needs and help you through the process.

Whether you want to become a US Citizen, you want to reside in the US, you want to visit the US, or you want to invest or work in the US, we can answer your questions and help you achieve your goals. We urge you to contact us with any questions related to your imigration situation.

US Citizenship

If you are not a U.S. citizen by birth, you may be eligible to become a citizen through naturalization.

At BSSN we can help you achieve this goal. People who are 18 years and older are eligible to become naturalized. Children may also become US Citizens by deriving citizenship from naturalized parents.


At BSSN we can help you obtain your US residence.

There are many ways to reach this goal. We can guide you through the maze of applications, and red tape with professionalism.

What Is Permanent Residence?

A person who has permanent residence status in the United States has the right to live and work in the US without restriction. Permanent residence is not the same as citizenship. Permanent residents of the US remain nationals of their home country. They do not hold US passports and they do not owe allegiance to the US. They may not vote in elections and they may not hold elective office. After a certain period of physical presence in the US (five years in most cases, three in some), permanent residents can apply for US citizenship if they choose.

Entering the US and Visas

At BSSN we can assist you in the preparation of a visa that best fits your needs.

Visitors (B-1) Visa

Persons entering the U.S. on a visitor visa, for business or tourism (B-1/B-2), or without a visa on the Visa Waiver Program are not permitted to work. If you are planning to work, or to attend certain training in the U.S., you cannot enter the U.S. with a visitor visa. Instead, you will need a visa in one of the employment categories for temporary workers.

Studying in the U.S. (F,M,J) Visas

Hundreds of thousands of people come to the United States from around the world to study and improve their skills. Numerous programs provide a wide variety of learning opportunities. Students interested in studying in the United States must be admitted to a U.S. school or university before starting the visa process. For additional information about higher education opportunities in the U.S., see the Department of State Education USA website.

Business Visas

Depending on your needs and qualifications you may obtain a work visa, business visa or especialty visa. The L1 Visa, E2 Visa and O Visa are some examples of business Visas for which your may qualify. Call us to see wich one best fits your needs.